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Shruti Shukla* and Brijlata Dubey
Govt. M.H. College of Home Science and Science Jabalpur-482 001, India

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The water used for soaking black gram dhal and rice was replaced by whey in varying proportions. The experimental plan consisted of 11 treatments. Study of sensory quality attributes of all the treatments on 9-point hedonic scale was done, statistical analysis of which revealed that water used for soaking black gram dhal and rice to prepare idli can be successfully replaced by whey. Besides enhancing the sensory quality, addition of whey also added to the calcium content of the idli. The idli made by soaking black gram dhal and rice in 100 percent whey had 67.96 percent moisture, 7.81 percent protein, 0.62 percent fat, 37.60 percent carbohydrate and 161.84 mg calcium while the control idli (made by soaking black gram dhal and rice in 100 percent water) had 68.87 percent moisture, 7.14 percent protein, 0.58 percent fat, 36.32 percent carbohydrate and 32.78 mg calcium.
Dhal-rice whey blend, Idli, Whey.
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