Agricultural Research Communication Centre(ARCC) invites aspirant scientists in all the various disciplines of Agricultural, Animal, Dairy and Food throughout the world to submit their research manuscript for publication in ARCC journals. ARCC Journals is committed to streamlining the manuscript submission process for authors, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. The Manuscript Submission Portal is designed to facilitate the submission and review process. Here are the key details about the Manuscript Submission Portal for ARCC Journals:
User Registration: Authors are required to create an account on the Manuscript Submission Portal. This involves providing personal information, affiliations, and contact details. Registered users will receive login credentials for future access.
Manuscript Metadata: Authors are prompted to enter essential metadata about their manuscript, including title, abstract, keywords, author names, affiliations, and corresponding author details. This information helps in the proper identification and organization of the manuscript within the system.
File Upload: Authors can upload their manuscript files in the required format (e.g., Microsoft Word) through the Manuscript Submission Portal. The portal allows for the submission of the main manuscript document as well as any supplementary materials, figures, tables, or multimedia files, as applicable.
Formatting Guidelines: Clear formatting guidelines are provided within the Manuscript Submission Portal to ensure that authors adhere to the specific requirements of ARCC Journals. Instructions regarding font styles, referencing style, word count limits, and other formatting considerations are outlined to maintain consistency and uniformity across submissions.
Manuscript Tracking: Once the manuscript is submitted through the portal, authors can track its progress at various stages of the review process. The Manuscript Submission Portal provides notifications and updates, such as manuscript received, under review, revisions requested, and final decision.
Peer Review Process: The Manuscript Submission Portal integrates with ARCC Journals' peer review system, allowing assigned reviewers to access and evaluate the manuscript directly within the portal. Reviewer comments and feedback are communicated to the authors through the portal, and authors may have the opportunity to respond to the comments and make necessary revisions.
Revision Submission: If revisions are requested by the journal's editorial team, authors can submit the revised manuscript as the reply of the comments email. They can include a response letter addressing the reviewer comments and detailing the changes made in the revised version.
Communication: The Manuscript Submission Portal facilitates seamless communication between authors, editors, and reviewers. It enables the exchange of notifications, reminders, or messages related to the manuscript's status or any queries during the review process, ensuring efficient and effective communication throughout.
Go through our guidelines for authors before submitting your manuscript that will assist in preparing your manuscript as per format of the journal.
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