Open Access Statement

The record for service of ARCC Journals to the cause of communication and popularization of agricultural and animal Sciences research dates back to 1967 when ARCC started publication of journals having very eminent scientists from all over the country on its editorial board. To be very precise and specific in this objectives and mission of communicating fast the research related to agriculture and animal sciences for the benefit of the research community and therefore helpful for all the people involved in the discipline throughout the world.

Now to build a more knowledgeable structure and fill the gap between research and communication ARCC provides Open Access to all journals which help and empowers the research community in all ways which are accessible to all. 

Publication: All of our publications are open access, meaning they are freely available to anyone with internet access. This includes original research articles, reviews, and other types of content.

Licensing: We use a Creative Commons license to enable the reuse and sharing of our publications. Authors retain the copyright of their work and can choose a license that allows others to use, distribute, and build upon their work, with appropriate attribution.

Archiving: We ensure that our publications are archived in a sustainable digital archive to ensure that they are available and accessible in the long term.

Accessibility: We ensure that our publications are accessible to people with disabilities, in accordance with accessibility guidelines.

Transparency: We are transparent about our open access policies, including any fees or charges associated with publication, and any funding sources or grants that support open access.

Promotion: We actively promote our open-access publications to ensure that they reach the widest possible audience.

Benefits: We believe that open access benefits researchers, institutions, funders, and the public by increasing the visibility and impact of research, promoting collaboration, and advancing scientific progress.

While submitting the manuscript, authors sign a license agreement granting ARCC exclusive rights to use and authorize the use of their work. The authors retain copyright as well as rights to make certain uses of the work, which are described in detail in the form. Authors should read this information sheet before signing the agreement.

All manuscripts published must go through a complete publication process through a quality technological application used by ARCC of peer-review and other quality and ethical standards and these are supported by the charges of article processing charges (APC) by the author, institution, or funding agency. For complete details regarding the APC kindly visit the related journal home page or contact support.   

ARCC always tries in eliminating the barriers that resist the benefits of authors and readers and provides the best solutions for faster innovation and sharing of knowledge through online free open access.  

As the word described open access helps in the vast visibility of authors’ research all over for superior exchange of scholarly work and therefore helps in getting a citation and impact of their work. Open-access publications always have higher possibilities to get better ranking in search engines and indexing services therefore more frequently cited.

That is why ARCC provides online open access to all of its current and previous research publications.

Everyone can download and get unlimited access to the full text of the manuscript published in ARCC Journals for free. Published material is free to re-use if the proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is given.