Quality analysis of raw jackfruit based noodles

DOI: 10.18805/ajdfr.v36i01.7458    | Article Id: DR-1085 | Page : 45-51
Citation :- Quality analysis of raw jackfruit based noodles .Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2017.(36):45-51

Veena kumari* and Suma Divakar

Address :

College of Agriculture Vellayani. Thiruvanthapuram-695 522, Kerala, India.

Submitted Date : 18-11-2015
Accepted Date : 21-01-2017


Noodles were extruded as 6 treatments using raw jackfruit bulb flour, jackfruit seed flour and refined flour in different proportion. Different levels of refined wheat flour, jackfruit seed flour and jackfruit bulb flour were added in the ratio (40:30:30, 50:25:25, 50:30:20, 50:40:10, 50:10:40, 50:20:30). This study comprises the quality analysis of the noodles with respect to its cooking quality and physical characteristics. Cooking qualities were analysed with respect to cooking time, cooked weight, cooking loss and water absorption. Physical characteristics like extrusion behaviour, bulk density, true density, swelling index, yield ratio and colour were also analysed. It was observed that cooking and physical quality of noodles was not affected by composition of composite flour.  The developed noodles were found to be acceptable. Treatment T6 was observed to have significantly higher yield ratio and significantly lower cooking time.


Bulk density Cooking loss Cooked weight Extrusion Noodles True density Swelling index Water absorption.


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