Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 33 issue 1 (march 2014) : 5-8


N. Pareek, Ankita Gupta*, R Sengar1
1 Department of Home Science, Banasthali University, Banasthali-304 022, India
Cite article:- Pareek N., Gupta* Ankita, Sengar1 R (2023). PREPARATION OF HEALTHY FRUIT BASED CARBONATED WHEY BEVERAGES USING WHEY AND ORANGE JUICE . Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 33(1): 5-8. doi: 10.5958/j.0976-0563.33.1.002.
Mixing of orange  juice with whey was carried out in the ratio of 70:30,60:40 and 50:50. Carbonation of the prepared fruit juice whey drink was carried out manually. Orange juice carbonated whey drink was most acceptable in the ratio of 70:30 .The nutrient analysis of most acceptable form of orange juice carbonated whey drink showed a general increase in nutrients  with the addition of whey as compared to standard orange juice.  This experiment conducted at household level can be commercialized to provide a healthy alternative to soft drinks and reduce the biological oxygen demand of whey.
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