Strategies for Doubling Income of Indian Farmers’ through Dairying: A Review

DOI: 10.18805/ajdfr.DR-1484    | Article Id: DR-1484 | Page : 269-272
Citation :- Strategies for Doubling Income of Indian Farmers’ through Dairying: A Review.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2019.(38):269-272
S.S. Chopde, R.P. Datir and M.R. Patil santosh.der@gmail.com
Address : Department of Dairy Engineering, College of Dairy Technology, Udgir.
Submitted Date : 15-10-2019
Accepted Date : 13-12-2019


Earlier strategies for progress of agriculture sector in India were focused principally on raising agricultural output and improving food security. The net result is the farmer’s absolute income remained low which lead to agrarian distress. The country also witnessed a sharp increase in the number of farmers suicides. It is apparent that income earned by farmers from agriculture is crucial to address distress and promote farmers welfare. The government is desiring and working towards doubling the farmer’s income by 2022. Union budget 2016-17emphasizes the need to go beyond food security and provide farmers a sense of income security. The agriculture allied sector such as dairying, poultry, goatry, horticulture etc. will play crucial role in achieving the government’s goal to double farmer’s income by 2022. Dairying and livestock sector form the backbone of agriculture and its contribution to agriculture GDP is around 28%. The progress in the sector results in balanced development of the rural economy particularly in reducing the poverty amongst the weaker sections. Dairy is a more equitable agriculture occupation. To improve the share of dairying in farmers income, innovative measures are needed to be explored and shall be implemented on large scale.


Dairying Doubling income Indian farmers


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