Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 36 issue 2 (june 2017) : 140-142

Determination of mineral constituents of crossbred animals in different season

Kranti Sharma *, Sushovan roy, Ashutosh Dubey, Sharad Mishra
1<p>Panchgavya Research Extention Centre, Anjora Durg-491 001, Chhattisgarh, India</p>
Cite article:- * Sharma Kranti, roy Sushovan, Dubey Ashutosh, Mishra Sharad (2017). Determination of mineral constituents of crossbred animals in different season . Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 36(2): 140-142. doi: 10.18805/ajdfr.v36i02.7959.

Mineral nutrient are used in countless metabolic pathways in dairy cow’s body, and even some mineral deficiency can result in cow’s suboptimal performance. To study the effect of season mineral constituents of cattle, 20 cows were taken, out of which, 10 animals in lactation stage (peak and mid lactation) and 10 in dry period. The study was carried out in and around Rajnandgaon district of Chhattisgarh state. A total 15 ml of blood was collected from each animals analyzed for mineral constituents during different seasons. The data was statistically analyzed to draw the conclusion the average value of calcium, potassium, sodium, iron was high in summer. While, the average magnesium and copper values were higher in rainy and winter season respectively. Average serum iron was lower in dry period. Seasonal variation of serum concentration was non significant. Lactation stage had no significant effect on mineral constituents. Sodium, iron,copper were slightly lower in dry period. The present investigation revealed that mineral constituents of animals varied with season and indicates further scope of manage mental interventions in feeding of animal according to different season.

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