Article Id: ARCC5288 | Page : 97-100
Citation :- GHEE MAKING FROM HIGH ACIDIC MILK-I.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2006.(25):97-100
S.P. Changade, R.V. Tambat and R.R. Kanoje
Address : College of Dairy Technology, Warud,(Pusad), Maharastra-445204, India


Creamery butter method of ghee making from high acid milk will be an ideal choice for ghee preparation. Use of high acidic milk recorded highest recovery of 94.10 per cent with buffalo milk. Maximum fat losses were in Desi method (18.4%) followed by direct boiling of unripened eream (14.30%). Average total sensory score was 82.0 and 84.12 for cow and buffalo ghee respectively. Desi method was judged as the best method from textural point of view.


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