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U.J. Kanake, S.V. Joshi and K.D. Chavan1
College of Agriculture, Dapoli-415 712, India.

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The investigation was undertaken to find out the optimum level of skim milk powder that could be
incorporated to obtain the best quality yoghurt with acceptable flavour, body and texture. Addition of
skim milk powder at 4% and 0.3% gelatin in the fresh milk after pre-heating. The yoghurt prepared with
4% SMP (Skim milk powder) was sensorily superior than that of control sample. The final product
contained 4.18% fat, 5.41 % protein, 26.39 % total solids, 0.90% acidity and 73.61 % moisture
Skim milk powder, Gelatin, Yoghurt, Sensory quality.
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