Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 30 issue 1 (march 2011) :


Amol S. Vyawahare, Pratik Nawale, Sushim Kumar*, Krushna Papinwar, Patel Dhinalkumar H., K. Jayaraj Rao
1Dairy Technology Section, National Dairy Research Institute (Southern Campus), Adugodi, Bangalore – 560 030, India.
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Cite article:- Vyawahare S. Amol, Nawale Pratik, Kumar* Sushim, Papinwar Krushna, H. Dhinalkumar Patel, Rao Jayaraj K. (2024). PSYCHORHEOLOGICAL STUDY ON VISCOSITY OF MILK. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 30(1): . doi: .
Viscosity of milk with TS levels ranging from 4 – 40% was determined at 40oC by objective
method using a capillary viscometer and also evaluated by subjective method. Five equations
viz. linear-linear, linear-log, polynomial second order, polynomial third order and linear –
exponential were fitted to the instrumental and subjective viscosities and the goodness of fit was
evaluated. The results indicated that instrumental viscosity and sensory viscosities between
themselves and with TS content of milk were related by polynomial second and third orders with
correlation coefficient values ranging from 0.73 – 0.99. The study indicated that subjective tests
also have an important role to play in determining the quality of milk

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