Article Id: ARCC1024 | Page : 246 - 251
Citation :- STUDIES ON COMPOSITION OF PROBIOTIC SOYA-FINGER MILLET MILK BASED YOGHURT.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2011.(30):246 - 251
Deepika Anand and Rashmi Kapoor
Address : Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Department of Home Science, Anantapur- 515 001, India


Probiotics have received considerable attention over the past few years for their health benefits.  Soya bean is a unique food because of its rich proximate and phytochemical content; namely high biological value protein, isoflavones, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber content. Three products were developed viz., soya milk yoghurt, soya and bovine milk yoghurt and soya and finger millet milk yoghurt. The yoghurts were prepared using cultures isolated from ‘curds’. Chemical analysis of the products revealed higher levels of protein, total lipids and total solids in bovine yogurt in comparison to other developed yogurt samples. Total minerals and phytochemicals viz., total polyphenols and vitamin C contents were found to be higher in soya yogurt.


Probiotics Yoghurt Soya bean.


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