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K.K. Patel, Rajesh Gupta and Venkata Satish Kuchi*
Department of Post Harvest Management, K.N.K. College of Horticulture, Mandsaur-458 001, India

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Firm mature fruits of three aonla cultivars; Kanchan, Chakaiya and NA-7 were selected for the preparation of murabba.  Each variety was pretreated with water (control), salt 2%, alum 2% and salt+alum 2% to evaluate the optimum pretreatment for murabba preparation. Murabba samples were analyzed for oraganoleptic quality during storage for six months. Variety NA-7 with salt+alum @ 2% proved to be best. Sensory seores decreased and texture improved during the storage.
Aonla, Murabba, Overall acceptability, Pretreatments, Varieties of aonla.
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