Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 33 issue 2 (june 2014) : 141-146


Banwari Lal, Uzma Kamam, Amit Singh*, Mukesh Bhakat
1College of Agriculture, Jawai Band Road, Pali-306 401, India
Cite article:- Lal Banwari, Kamam Uzma, Singh* Amit, Bhakat Mukesh (2023). PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTRIBTUES OF COMMON INTEREST GROUP MEMBERS INVOLVED IN DAIRY FAMING . Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 33(2): 141-146. doi: 10.5958/0976-0563.2014.00591.0.
The main objective of this paper is to study the social participation and psychological assessment of CIG members involved in dairy farming. The study was conducted in three district of Rajasthan state. 18 CIGs which are working on dairy farming were selected and all 250 members of selected CIGs were taken as respondents. The information was collected by using structured interview schedule and observation. Social attributes like social participation, extension contacts and mass media contact of CIG members plays an important role among the members of society to gain knowledge and information. The results showed that, majority of respondents (69.20%) were not having any organizational membership. A large proportion of respondents had medium level of extension contact (71.6%) and mass media exposure (66.8%). The study shows that majority (82.0%) of members’ had medium level of aspiration, 44.4 per cent of CIGs have high self-esteem with respect to success and worthiness. The result indicates that majority of respondents (84.4%) fell in medium category of knowledge level about breeding, feeding, health care, management and fodder production followed by 08.0 per cent and 07.6 per cent in low and high knowledge level categories, respectively. The majority of members (59.6%) had favorable attitude and 32.00 per cent members had unfavorable attitude towards SDFPs. 
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