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Nutan* and G.K. Kochar1
Department of Food and Nutrition, Khanpur Kalan-131 305, India,

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Diabetes, a metabolic disorder develops as an outcome of luxurious civilization. Naturopathy is the best solution to cure diabetes. Anthropometric, biochemical and dietary assessment was carried out  before and after one month of naturopathy treatment for 60 patients in the age group of 40-60 years. Post treatment weight reduction in male and female subjects were 6.20  and  9.78 percent .BMI  reduced from 24.31 to 23.55 for male and for female from 25.96 to 23.51.Percentage reduction as compared to RDA of  carbohydrate , energy and fat intake in male subjects was 10.66, 38.86 and102.35 per cent. Corresponding values for female were 18.62, 31.08 and 77 percent. Contrary to the intake of  carbohydrate , energy and fat , Vitamin C intake increased by two folds, Vitamin A too raised by five folds because of this hemoglobin moved up significantly at both levels and cholesterol ,LDL,VLDL, Triglyceride and blood Glucose level decreased by 29.72, 29.91, 16.74 and 46.66 per cent. Corresponding reduction in female was 32.96, 39.40, 17.65, 20.24 and 49.91 per cent.
BMI (Body Mass Index), LDL, Naturopathy, RDA, VLDL
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