Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 40 issue 2 (june 2021) : 185-188

Comparative Evaluation of Lactation Curves of Crossbred Dairy Cows in Field Conditions in Tamil Nadu, India 

C. Balan, M. Thirunavukkarasu
1Department of Animal Husbandry Statistics and Computer Applications, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Madras Veterinary College Campus, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai-600 007, Tamil Nadu, India.
Cite article:- Balan C., Thirunavukkarasu M. (2021). Comparative Evaluation of Lactation Curves of Crossbred Dairy Cows in Field Conditions in Tamil Nadu, India. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 40(2): 185-188. doi: 10.18805/ajdfr.DR-1597.
Background: Various mathematical models have been tried by different researchers to fit the lactation curves in indigenous, exotic and crossbred cows maintained in organised farms only. Hence, this study was aimed to fit various lactation models and to identify the best fit model (s) for prediction of milk production in crossbred dairy cows in field conditions.
Methods: Multistage random sampling procedure was used for selection of 100 dairy cows for the purpose of data collection. The monthly milk yield data (up to 10 months of lactation) of the selected crossbred cows reared in field conditions of Tamil Nadu State, relating to the period from 2017-20, were collected for lactation curve modelling. The milk data so collected were used to fit 14 lactation curve models in the study. The highest Coefficient of Determination (R²) value and the least Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) value were used as the criteria to select the best fit model(s).
Result: The overall average total milk production was estimated to be 2223.19 kg per lactation in 10 months of lactation in the selected crossbred cows. Average daily milk yield at the first month of lactation was 9.16 kg and the highest daily milk yield of 9.56 kg was observed at the second month of lactation. At the end of the lactation, the lowest yield was 5.01 kg per day and hence the overall average daily milk yield was found to be 7.41 kg. Based on the selection criteria, the Mitscherlich X Exponential model was identified as the best fit model, followed by Ali and Schaeffer and Morant and Gnanasakthy model for prediction of milk production in crossbred dairy cows reared in field conditions and the estimated lactation curve model parameters a, b, c and d values for the best fit model were 331.71, 1519.82, 9.56 and 0.07 kg, respectively. 
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