Article Id: ARCC734 | Page : 284 - 289
Citation :- ADOPTION Behaviour OF SELF HELP GROUPS(SHG) MEMBER PRACTISING DAIRY FARMING IN WEST BENGAL.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2012.(31):284 - 289
Sukanta Biswas1, D.P. Sikdar and A. Goswami2 sbiswasvet@gmail.com
Address : University of Kalyani Kalyani, Nadia-741 235, India


The information was collected through personal interview with the help of pre-tested structured schedule administered on randomly selected 80 SHG members from the total 8 blocks of the district. Two villages from each block and from each village five respondents were selected randomly. In this way, total 10X8=80 SHG beneficiaries and similar number of respondents (80) from same blocks in the same way as Non SHG beneficiaries rearing livestock were considered to make as control group for comparative study with the SHG beneficiaries. To judge the impact of the study, dependent variables such as adoption Index in improved Dairy farming practices was measured by using the available scale. The study depicted important attributes in relation to adoption index in dairy farming practices by the rural SHG members. To improve the adoption level of the beneficiary, strengthening of dairy owner’s education level, occupation, income status, attitude and overall communication sources are very much vital. The study revealed that the adoption level of SHG members was quite better than Non-SHG members due to better education standard, income source, information network and overall attitude level through self help group activities.


Adoption index Attributes Dairy Farming Self Help Group (SHG).


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