Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 31 issue 1 (march 2012) : 64 - 67


Neeta Chopra, Roopa Singh, Annamma Kumar*
1Deptt. of Food Nutrition, Institute of Home Science, Khandari Road, Agra-282 001, India.
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Cite article:- Chopra Neeta, Singh Roopa, Kumar* Annamma (2024). EFFECT OF SOCIOECONOMIC PARAMETERS ON PREVALENCE OF CORONARY HEART DISEASE AMONG MIDDLE AGED POPULATION. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 31(1): 64 - 67. doi: .
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is a term used to identify several cardiac disorders resulting from inadequate circulation of blood to local areas of heart muscles. The present study was undertaken to find out the effect of socioeconomic conditions on the prevalence of CHD among middle aged population in Etawah District of Uttar Pradesh, India. A multi-stage stratified random sampling technique was used for selecting 1000 subjects in the age group of 30-50 years (both male and female). Subjects who were medically diagnosed to have CHD only were considered for determining prevalence. An interview method was used for collecting data on a pre-tested structured schedule. The study revealed that out of the 1000 subjects 273 (27.3%) were suffering from CHD, the prevalence being higher (33.34%) in males than in females (19.39%). A significant association of CHD was found with several socioeconomic factors, viz. religion, caste, occupation, family type, family size, income and education.
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