Article Id: ARCC679 | Page : 13 - 15
Citation :- SENSORY PROPERTIES OF FRIED FILLED MILK PANEER.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2012.(31):13 - 15
A. Verma and R. Chandra
Address : Halina School of Home Science, SHIATS, Allahabad-211 007, India


Filled milk based paneer was prepared by using vegetable oil (saffola) and milk fat in the proportion of 4:1, 3:2, 2:3 and 1:4 and replicated 6 times. The SNF level to 8.5% was maintained in each lot. T0 without addition of vegetable oil served as control. Filled milk paneer prepared from milk having a milk fat and vegetable fat in a ratio of 1:4 had the highest yield at 600C coagulation temperature and the flavour score of fried paneer was also comparable to the conventional paneer. However, the flavour score of fried filled paneer prepared from milk having milk fat and vegetable fat in a ratio 4:1 at 700C coagulation temperature was more close to the standardized buffalo milk paneer.


Vegetable fat Filled milk Paneer Organoleptic quality.


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