Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 19 issue 2 (june 2000) :


Singh Randhir*, Tewari Ratna**
1* Scientist, Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal 132 001.
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Cite article:- Randhir* Singh, Ratna** Tewari (2024). TRAINING ON INLAND FISHERY FOR ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT: AN EVALUATION. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 19(2): . doi: .
It is estimated that the present fish production for inland waters is about 2.2 million tons, whereas the projected potential is ahout 4.5 million tons. Human Resource Development, especially training of fish farmers thus assume a significance to fulfill the demand. The Central Institute of Fishenes Education. Mumbai is organizing a numher of training programs for fish farmers to upgrade their knowledge and impart skills at the psycho-motor level. Two such training programs of a fortnight duration attended by 24 trainees was evaluated to know the extent to which the objectives of the trainees and of the training institution were met with and also the modifications required in content and treatment to make such experiential learning more effective.The results how that over 58.34 parcent of the trainees were satisfied to some extent with the course content, while the percentage or satisfaction with field work/visit, practical, skill development, setting ideal examples and use of appropriate training methods was 50%, 66.67%. 75%.75% and 50% respectively.The trainees also pointed out for making some changes in presentation, instead monotonous one-way lectures, it was thought that group discussions and problem solving approaches, where participation of farmers through on-hand experiential learning is going to be more effective be introduced. It was also suggested by the trainees to increase the duration of training to 5–6 weeks with one-third time allocatcd to theory and two-third for practical.

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