Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 23 issue 2 (june 2004) :


Avinashilingam N.A. Vijay1, Singh Upayana1, Lalitha A.1, Sharma Gyanendra2
11 Ph.D. Scholars, Division of Dairy Extension Education, NDRI, Karnal- 132 001, India.
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Cite article:- Vijay1 N.A. Avinashilingam, Upayana1 Singh, A.1 Lalitha, Gyanendra2 Sharma (2023). SOCIO-PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS OF AGRICULTURE COLLEGE. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 23(2): . doi: .
Agriculture is one such field which is still dominant in a country like India, where 74.30 per cent (India, 2002) of population is residing in villages and still continuing agriculture. It has now become a developed profession on which the students are interested to join agriculture colleges, universities or institutes etc. Government is also spending large sums of money on this sector and making many strategies and policies for its upliftment. Educational systems of all agricultural universities are reviewed from time to time to improve the quality of agriculture education. A student graduating from agricultural university with specialization in one of the professional areas like agriculture, veterinary, agricultural engineering or related fields has to perform a variety of skills related to jobs.At present in the state of Uttaranchal there is only one agricultural university which produces around one hundred agriculture graduates every year. Due to the improved standards of higher secondary education and also the heavy demand for agricultural courses, students with high academic standards alone are able to secure admission. This is because of the various socia-personal, cultural and psychological factors of students, which are ultimately responsible for the failure of educational programmes example Family support, Medium of instruction and Income etc.

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