Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 23 issue 2 (june 2004) :


Chand Rattan, Mittal Aparana, Singh Bhagat
1D.M. Divison, NDRI, Karnal
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Cite article:- Rattan Chand, Aparana Mittal, Bhagat Singh (2023). DEGRADATION OF BHC BY WHITE MOLD. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 23(2): . doi: .
The organism Geotrichum candidum tolerated 1 to 10 ppm of BHC in culture media. The culture filtrate degraded pesticide starting from 4h (23.9%) and reaching maximum of 37.2 and 37.3% after 8h and 12h respectively. Precipitation of culture filtrate with 60–70% ammonium sulphate yielded the active crude enzyme, which degraded the pesticide, Maximum degradation of BHC i.e. 66.86% was achieved with the precipitated enzyme after 4h at 25°C, however no activity was observed at 37°C. The protein content of the precipitated enzyme was 8.5 mg/10 ml.

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