Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 24 issue 3 & 4 (2005) : 248 - 250


Meenakshi Singh, Pratibha Arya
1Institute of Home Science, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi - 284 128, India
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Cite article:- Singh Meenakshi, Arya Pratibha (2024). APPLICABILITY OF PIAGETS COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT THEORY IN TWENTY FIRST CENTURY. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 24(3): 248 - 250. doi: .
Cognition can be usually defined as the porcess of gaining knowledge about the world through perception, memory and thought. Cognition development follows a pattern with specific capabilities emerging at specific time. To verify the application of Piaget's cognitive development theory a questionnaire was prepared and filled by personally interviewing the respondents in the Jhansi City. Results of the study revealed that the respondents performed 90% activities of the sensori-motor development. Under the pre-school and pre-conceptual thoughts 80% views were as per the Piaget's theory. 75% and 70% respondents performed activities of Middle childhood and intuitive thoughts vis-a-vis Middle childhood and concrete operations stages, respectively. Thoughts of Adolescence and formal thought operations stage were performed by 755 of the respondents. If may be concluded from the findings of present study that 70–90% of the activities/views of different cognitive development stages were performed/in favour of the Piaget's theory and thus this theory has high significance/applicability in the present time.
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