Article Id: ARCC5372 | Page : 234 - 237
Citation :- A STUDY OF TIME-SPENT IN HOUSE HOLD ACTIVITIES BY YOUNG FEMALES.Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2005.(24):234 - 237
Manjit Kaur, Hardeep Kaur and S. Batish
Address : Manjit Kaur, Hardeep Kaur and S. Batish


The present study was undertaken to know the type and extent of participation of young females in the household activities. The study was conducted in Ludhiana distt. A random sample of 30 young girls each from school and college of rural and urban area were selected. Thus, the total sample comprised of 120 respondents i.e. 60 each from rural and urban area. An interview schedule was used for the collection of data. The findings revealed that cleaning of vegetable cutting/chopping and chapatti making were the activities in which rural as well as urban girls participated actively. In addition to these activities meal serving (78.33% and 93.33%) followed by dishwashing (81.66% and 71.66%), meal preparation (85.00% and 88.33%) were some of the other favourite activities among rural and urban young girls respectively. In all, rural girls comparatively spent more time on all the household activities. Average time spent on house cleaning (1.41, 0.79 hrs/day) clothing care (0.93 and 0.08 hrs/day) and animal/pet care (0.44 and 0.00 hrs/day) by rural and urban females depicts a significant difference. The major reason for participation by young females in various household activities was interest, family values and helping hand to their mothers. Further girls from large families spent more time on household activities than the girls from small families.



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