Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 24 issue 2 (june 2005) : 79 - 85


Dwaipayan Bardhan, R.S.L. Srivastava, V.P.S. Dabas ~rwd T.S. Bhogal
1Department of Veterinary atid Animal Husbandry Extension. College of Veterinary and Animal Science. . G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. Pantnagar ·263 145. India
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Cite article:- Bardhan Dwaipayan, Srivastava R.S.L., Bhogal T.S. ~rwd Dabas V.P.S. (2023). ECONOMICS OF MILK PRODUCl1ONFROM CROSSBRED CAITLE IN UDHAM SINGH NAGAR DlS1RICT OF UTIARANCHAL. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 24(2): 79 - 85. doi: .
The study analyses costs and returns from milk production by crossbred cattle in Rudrapur block of Udham Singh Nagar district of the newly created state of Uttaranchal. A total of 72 farmers belonging to different categories based upon landholding, were selected according to probability proportion to size technique from 5 villages of the block. Analyses of costs and returns structure were carried out for each of the three seasons, viz. winter. summer and rainy. The results of the study showed rearing of crossbred cattle to be unprofitable in the study area. Although family labour Income was positive for all categories of farmers in winter and rainy season, the total costs of milk production exceeded the total returns in all the three seasons. Some specific hincfrances in successful dairy business were identified, and suggestions were also given to overcome them.

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