Article Id: ARCC5335 | Page : 54 - 58
Citation :- IMPACT OF NUTRITION COUNSELLING ON ANTHROPOMETRIC PARAMETERS OF SCHOOL GIRLS (7-9 YEARS).Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2005.(24):54 - 58
P.K. Chawla*, Sonika Sharma and R. Sachdeva
Address : Department of Food and Nutrition. College of Home Science. Punjab Agricultural University. Ludhiana - 141 004. India


Sixty girls of 7–9 years belonging to low socio economic group in Ludhiana were divided equally into Control (C) and Experimental (E) groups. The experimental group comprising of 30 girls and their mothers were imparted nutrition counselling twice a month for a period of four months. Assessment of nutritional status was done before and after imparting nutrition counselling. The mean height of subjects in C and E group was 116.1 and 117.1 cm at base line and 116.2 and 117.9 cm after experimentation. The average weight of subjects in both the groups was 20.1 kg at baseline which significantly increased to 21.7 kg in E group after nutrition counselling. Aslo a significant increase in MUAC was observed in E group after nutrition counselling. However, all the indices were lower than the standards. Thus nutrition counselling should be imparted for a longer duration an-a should be included in school curriculum.



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