Article Id: ARCC5332 | Page : 36 - 41
Citation :- NATURAL DYEING OF SILK WITH HAMELIA LEAVES.Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2005.(24):36 - 41
Susan Paul, Ekta Grover and Anshu Sharma
Address : Department of Clothing and Textiles, College of Home, Science, G,B, Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar - 263 145. India


Bio-availability of calcium (289mg %) from egg shell, oyster shell and vegetable mixture with changing quality of proteins (10g %) was studied in 25 young albino rats weighing 60.9–63.3g over a four weeks experimental period. Diet intake was highest in egg protein Gr IV (316.8±10.71g) and least in casein protein plus oyster shell Gr II (183.5±11.62g). Low diet intake in vegetable protein Gr V (288.0±4.60g) may be attributed to low quality protein diet high in fiber and low in lysine. The weight gain and PER were highest in Gr IV (125.4g and 3.94), least in Gr V (70.9g and 2.46) and intermediate in casein protein Gr I, II and III (78.0–85.8g and 2.74–2.88 ranged) respectively. There was no effect of change in calcium source on weight gain or PER of rats fed egg shell or oyster shell powder groups. High fecal loss and low FER observed in Gr V was attributed to high fiber present in it. Haemoglobin level was observed to be highest in Gr II (14.04g %) and lowest in Gr V (12.95g %). Egg protein Gr IV also showed high haemoglobin value compared to casein protein Gr l, II and III. Total plasma protein was observed within the normal range (6.44–7.33g %), the value of Gr IV slightly higher than rest of the groups. Plasma alkaline phosphatase activity was highest in Gr V (3.32±0.13 μM/ml/min) and low in control Gr I (1.87±0.19 μM/ml/min). It is concluded that the calcium bioavailability was the best in egg protein compared to casein and vegetable proteins. There was no difference in available calcium from oyster shell and egg shell powder compared to salt mixture. used in the experiment.



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