Article Id: ARCC5326 | Page : 16 - 19
Citation :- QUALITY AND ACCEPTABILITY OF SOYMILK BASED AMRAKHAND.Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2005.(24):16 - 19
Sumedha Deshpande, Krishna Jha and P. C. Bargale
Address : SPU Centre. Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering. Nabibagh. Bhopal - 462 038. India


Amrakhand is a sweetened cultured dairy product made from curd and mango pulp. Though its production and consumption had mainly restricted to Maharashtra, Gujrat, Karnataka and parts of Madhya Pradesh but is now gaining popularity, and is being produced and sold at commercial scale. The present study is an attempt towards possible utilization of soymilk for the production of amrakhand (Soy-amrakhand). Fifteen different combinations of soymilk, dairy milk and mango pulp were tried including three controls containing no soymilk. Three different concentrations of mango pulp viz., 20,30 and 40% (w/w) were used. Sensory evaluation revealed that the product with 50% soymilk was acceptable which was not much affected by the content of mango pulp though the products with 30 and 40% mango pulp indicated higher acceptability. The total solids content in soyamrakhand decreased with increase in proportions of soymilk and was found to vary between 46.34 to 56.88%. The protein and fat contents of soy-amrakhand were between 7.45 to 8.71% and 9.42 to 11.55% on dry basis, respectively.



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