Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 25 issue 3 & 4 (2006) : 182-185


K D. Chavan, M. B. Kulkarni ..
1Deptt. of Animal Science and Dairy Scinece, College of Agriculture, Pune- 3 India
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Cite article:- Chavan D. K, .. Kulkarni B. M. (2023). SOLAR RADIATION - AN EFFECTIVE APPROACH FOR KHOA PRESERVATION*. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 25(3): 182-185. doi: .
Efficacy of solar radiation on germicidal influence on khoa during storage was studied. The khoa samples were exposed using direct sun light radiation (S1), radiation through plain glass (S2), amber glass (S3) and convex lense (S4), Standard Plate Count (SPC) and Yeast and Mould Count (YMC) of control samples were found 38.25 x 103 and 60.50 x 103 cfu/gm respectively. At the end of 5 day storage SPC and YMC were reduced to 32.75 x 103 and 48.00 x 103 cfu/g in the treatment S4 (convex lense) followed by the S2, S3 and S1 tried in the study. In response to the over all acceptability of khoa samples, it was noticed that the product was sensorily acceptable upto 5 day of the storage during which the sensory score ranged from 6.1 to 8.6.
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