Article Id: ARCC5301 | Page : 145-148
Citation :- BLENDING OFSAFFLOWER MILK WITH BUFFALO MILK FOR PREPARATION OF KALAKANP.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2006.(25):145-148
S.S Dhanwade, A.T Santakke, P.V Padghan, D.S Chauhan and M.S Deshmuh
Address : Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Science, Marthawada Agricultur University, Parbhani- 431402, India


Safflower milk was blended with buffalo milk in different proportion viz To-100 per cent buffalo milk (BM), T1-70(BM): 30 (SM), T2-60 (BM):40 (SM) and T1-50 (BM):50 (SM) were evaluated with respect to its sensory qualities, chemical composition and cost of production. The average chemical composition of kalakand prepared from different blends values ranged from 76.20, 72.60, 71.20 and 70.00 for total solids, 23.80, 27.40, 28.80 and 30.00 for moisture, 21.00, 20.10, 19.65 and 19.20 for fat and 15.00, 14.10, 13.75 and 13.30 for protein. The acceptability of products secure from 8.65, 7.75, 7.35 and 6.66 for 9 hedonic scale, respectively. All properties should decrease in the average value with increase in proportion of safflower in blends. The cost in for 1 kg kalakand from buffalo milk was higher i.e. 68.50 as compare to acceptable blends T2 Rs. 53.72.


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