Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 25 issue 2 (june 2006) : 142-144


v. R. Desetty, A.V. Parihar, V N. Pantnam
1Dept. CD & FR, College of Home Science MAU, Parbhani-431402, India
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Cite article:- Desetty R. v., Parihar A.V., Pantnam N. V (2024). SENIOR CITIZENS' SATiSFACI10N LEVEL ABOUT THEIR UVlNG SlYLES IN OWAGE. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 25(2): 142-144. doi: .
Two hundred randomly selected senior citizens in the age group of 60–85 yrs from Parbhani town (Maharastra) were personally interviewed to find out their level of living style adopted by them and about several aspects of their houses in which they live. Out of these 200 senior citizens, 100 those who retired from different jobs were included in group 1 and the rest involved in self-employment (business) were formed as group 2. From results it is not surprised to see that, all the selected senior citizens of both the groups were quite happy to live with their spouses but at the same time, many of them were not so happy to stay with their children. Majorities of them were very much satisfied toward their living in own houses that are mainly situated on the ground floor. Having own houses and location of house on the ground floor made significantly higher percentage of senior citizens of groupl to be satisfied than their counterparts in-group 2, while it was vice-versa in case of satisfaction level with tiles flooring and availability of open space around the house. Z values are clearly showing that more number of self employed elderly people were not at all satisfied with living in rented houses. However, more number of group 1 senior dtizlens expressed dissatisfaction about non-availability of space around the houses.
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