Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 25 issue 2 (june 2006) : 79·86


Satish Naik, M. Ramachandra, K.S. Rajashekharappa, ·T.N. Tulasidas, K. Murali 1, B.C. Mallesha2
1Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore-560 065, India
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Cite article:- Naik Satish, Ramachandra M., Rajashekharappa K.S., Tulasidas ·T.N., 1 Murali K., Mallesha2 B.C. (2024). DRYING OF OYSTER MUSHROOM (Pleurotus florida) IN DIFFERENT DRYERS. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 25(2): 79·86. doi: .
A study was undertaken in two tribal dominated districts of West Bengal to study the household food security of Santhal farm families. The data was collected from 100 respondents covering 4 villages through interview schedule and PRA technique. The study revealed that majority of households belonged to nuclear families with low level of education and farming as their main occupation. 44% of the household had food grains shortage throughout the year since past five years and 62% of them had inadequate grain production in the previous year. Except cereal, the diet of Santhal were inadequate and far below the recommended amount
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