Article Id: ARCC5275 | Page : 43-46
Citation :- FISH PRODUCTION IN NAGALAND - A REGRESION APPROACH.Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2006.(25):43-46
A. Sharma
Address : Department of Agricultural Economics School of Agricultural Sciences and Rural Development Nagaland UniversitY, Medziphema: Campus - 797 106. India.


Though in present scenario of green revolution, country has reached to the level of self-sufficiency in food grain production, In the rainfed areas, where natural hazards have put these areas in a situation of production uncertainties, fish farming has its own economic significance. Therefore, there always remains wide gap between demand and supply as most of the varieties of fishes consumed in the state are imported from neighboring states. In this paper an attempt has been made to evaluate the impact of inputs on gross income, a multiple linear regression approach was fitted to the data. Time series data were collected for the period of 1983–84 to 2002–03, number of fishery ponds, value of fingerlings supplied, value of fish products and number of beneficiary.



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