Article Id: ARCC5261 | Page : 209-213
Citation :- ERGONOMIC STUDY OF EXISTING STORAGE STRUCTURES OF HOUSES IN LUDHIANA CITY.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2007.(26):209-213
Ritu, M.K. Virk and M.L. Bansal
Address : Deptt. of Family Resource Management, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141 004, India.


The study was conducted in four zones of Ludhiana city. Two localities from each zone (Sundernagar and Jodhewal Basti from Zone I, Jamalpur and Vishwakarma colony from Zone II, Haibowal and Kitchlunagar from Zone III and Sarabhanagar and Aggarnagar from Zone IV) were selected randomly. From each locality 15 houses were chosen on the basis of random selection thus making a total sample of 120 respondents. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that standards were followed regarding height and depth of open shelves, whereas, regarding height and depth of cupboards standards were not followed. Owing to the flaws in dimensions of storage structures, maximum respondents complained of problems in back and shoulder. In order to minimize physical problems, suggestions were given to respondents that they should follow the recommendations so that flaws in physical features of houses can be avoided for leading a comfortable life.


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