Article Id: ARCC5235 | Page : 75-79
Citation :- EFFECT OF PACKAGING MATERIAL ON STORAGE STABILITY OF SATORI.Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2007.(26):75-79
N.O. Khandare1, N.V. Joglekar, P.V. Padghan and N.A. Mankar2
Address : Marathawada Agriculture University, Parbhani- 431402, India


Satori a khoa based product was stored at 350C, 250C and 50C temperature for 20, 24 and 42 days, respectively and remained acceptable irrespective of packaging materials 300 guage LDPE pouch (P1) and glass bottles (P2). Peroxide value (PV) of satori was 4.26 meq. O2/kg which was increased to 6.42 and 6.72 at 350C and 6.15 and 6.72 meq. O2/kg at 250C temperature packed in P1, and P2 packaging materials respectively during storage of 24 days. Free fatly acid (FFA) of the samples had significant difference at 350C and 250C whereas, samples stored at 50C did not show significant differences during storage packed in different packaging materials.



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