Article Id: ARCC359 | Page : 203-213
Raju Lal Bhardwaj
Address : Directorate of Extension Education, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur- 313 001, India


Different fruit juice blends were prepared as (Kinnow juice: Aonla juice: Ginger juice Pomegranate juice for improving flavour, and nutritive value. The juice blends were preserved by pasteurization (750C or 850C for 15 min.) and by addition of potassium meta-bi-sulphite (500 or 750 ppm). These blends were stored in 200 ml colourless glass bottles at (4 +  10C) and tested at three months interval upto six month. Blends were examined for physic-chemical, sensory evalution and microbial population. The individual effect of juice blending ratio, processing temperature and potassium meta-bi-sulphite treatment was found to be significant in prolonging storage life and maintaining the acceptable quality. The juice blends processed at 75oC for 15 min with 750 ppm potassium meta-bi-sulphite was the most effective treatment. However, a minimum microbial population was recorded with juice processed at 85oC temperature.


Juice blends Kinnow juice Microbial quality Physico- chemical properties Sensory quality.


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