Article Id: ARCC357 | Page : 195-198
Citation :- ECONOMICS OF PRODUCTION AND MARKETING OF MILK PRODUCTS IN COOPERATIVE SECTOR .Asian Journal Of Dairy and Food Research.2013.(32):195-198
Shweta Arora and T.S.Bhogal
Address : Department of Agricultural Economics G.B. Pant Univ. of Agri. & Technology,Pantnagar -263 145, India


The study was conducted in Rudrapur and Khatima blocks of the district U.S.Nagar. Ghee and paneer were the two milk products whose study was made in cooperative sector. After apportionment of joint costs, unit cost for ghee and paneer was estimated. The most important cost component of ghee and paneer production was procurement cost. The cooperative milk product producers are skilled at sales and distribution levels, Customer oriented market research and development should be accorded higher attention by the cooperative sector so as to attract consumer preferences. Brand popularity of its products trade named “ Anchal” should be enhanced. Qualified and technical persons should be recruited. The product mix should be reoriented as per the changing market environment and superfluous expenses avoided.The co-operative plants should formulate long-term vision and strategy.


Joint cost apportionment Marketing channels Marketing efficiency Marketing margins.


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