Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 28 issue 3 & 4 (2009) : 233-236


Aarti Sankhla*, Shashi Sharma, Nidhi Sharma
1Department of Foods and Nutrition, College of Home Science, MPUAT, Udaipur-313 001, India.
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Cite article:- Sankhla* Aarti, Sharma Shashi, Sharma Nidhi (2024). HYPOGLYCEMIC EFFECT OF BAEL PATRA (AEGLE MARMELOS) IN NIDDM PATIENTS. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 28(3): 233-236. doi: .
The present study attempted to find the efficacy of bael patra in the management on thirty
eight NIDDM patients in the age range of 40-60 years. For the purpose, forty subjects from the
two diabetic clinics in Ajmer city were selected and divided in to two groups of twenty subjects
each taking either 5 or 10 milligrams of sulfonylurea respectively. Ten subjects of each group
were randomly allocated to one of the two treatments – baelpatra or placebo. The dosage was 4
gm per day to be taken 2 gm twice a day. Fasting and postprandial blood sugar and urinary sugar
were analyzed weekly till the 8th week of the study period. Results after statistical analysis clearly
indicated the beneficial effects of bael patra in management of hyperglycemia. Where the sugar
level (fasting and post prandial) in blood and urine reduced significantly by the end of 8th week
due to regular use of bael patra. The favorable impact became visible only after two weeks of
study period. A declining trend in glucose level over the study period suggests that if the same
trend continues for a longer period, bael patra may replace the allopathic drugs partially or
completely. It was concluded that bael patra extract when given for eight weeks in daily dosage
of 4 gm, can effectively lower the serum and urine glucose levels of NIDDM subjects taking
sulfonylurea in a dose of 5 or 10 mg/day.
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