Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 28 issue 3 & 4 (2009) : 220-224


S.C. Sarode1, N.H. Tayade2
1Faculty of Agric. Engg., Indira Gandhi Krishi Vishwa Vidyala, Raipur.
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Cite article:- Sarode1 S.C., Tayade2 N.H. (2024). PHYSIO-CHEMICAL CHANGES DURING RIPENING IN ‘WILLIAMS’, ‘ZELING’ AND ‘GRAND NAIN’ BANANA. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 28(3): 220-224. doi: .
The banana cultivars viz. Williams, Zeling and Grand Nain were packed in polyethylene bags
with ventilation and stored at room temperature (32 ± 20C),cold storage (20 ± 20C) and deep
freezer (4 ± 20 C).Changes in storage characteristics were recorded at 3 days intervals till the
condition of fruit turned to rejectable stage. For chemical analysis, pulp of each sample was
ground in grinder (mixer). Known amount of these samples were weighed for determining pH,
TSS, Moisture and Total sugar. The pH value of banana fruit decreased as storage period increase.
There was increase in TSS, moisture and total sugar as increase in storage period increase. At 40
C, due to occurrence of chilling injury in samples, there was negligible amount of sugar present
after 12 days storage. Room temperature can control the banana quality upto 21 days while for
200 C, quality of banana could K controlled upto 39 days
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