Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 28 issue 3 & 4 (2009) : 215-219


Shilpa Hegde, D. Vijayalakshmi, S. Anitha, K. Raghotham*, Y.B. Rajeshwari
1Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore-560 065, India.
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Cite article:- Hegde Shilpa, Vijayalakshmi D., Anitha S., Raghotham* K., Rajeshwari Y.B. (2024). BIOAVAILABILITY OF LYCOPENE FROM TOMATO. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 28(3): 215-219. doi: .
A bioassay study was conducted to examine the bioavailability of lycopene in serum of the
adult albino rats fed control diet and experimental diets containing four and five per cent MUFA,
PUFA and Saturated Fat along with lycopene.The study was carried out for a period of twenty
eight days and bioavailability of lycopene was assessed by HPLC method. The results revealed
that the control group had no lycopene levels in blood serum while the experimental group V fed
with 5 per cent MUFA had the highest lycopene level (0.74 n mol/L) followed by 5 per cent PUFA
(0.72 n mol/L), 4 per cent MUFA (0.71 n mol/L), 4 per cent PUFA (0.70 n mol/L) and 4 per cent
saturated fat (0.69 n mol/L) and least in 5 per cent saturated fat (0.65 n mol/L). However from
the histopathological findings and the lipid profile results it was concluded that 4 per cent of the
lipids which is the ideal requirement for the rats would be sufficient for lycopene absorption with
no adverse effects on the body organs.
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