Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 28 issue 3 & 4 (2009) : 206-208


Deepti, Beena Yadav*, Manju Dahiya**
1Department of Home Science Extension Education, Ch. Charn Singh Haryana University, Hisar-125 004, India.
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Cite article:- Deepti, Yadav* Beena, Dahiya** Manju (2024). KNOWLEDGE OF BENEFICIARIES REGARDING TRAINING AND SUPPORT SERVICES OF DAIRY COOPERATIVES. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 28(3): 206-208. doi: .
Keeping the active role played by women in various dairying activities women dairy cooperatives
(WDC) are considered as the nucleus for multifarious activities concerning women development.
The results of present study are based on data collected from 100 randomly selected beneficiaries
of four WDCs from two districts of Haryana state. The findings indicated that out of nine support
services provided by WDC, majority of women beneficiaries had knowledge of four of them i.e.
provision of milk testing equipments, subsidy on balanced cattle feed ,distribution of fodder
crops seeds and vaccination facilities for foot and mouth disease Fifty eight percent members
had knowledge of provision of first aid boxes on subsidized rate and slightly less than half of the
beneficiaries were aware of the loaning facilities rendered by WDC for purchasing milch animals.
With regards to knowledge regarding training facilities it was observed that majority of women
were knowledgeable about green fodder production training and more than half of the respondents
possessed knowledge about training on importance of balanced cattle feed and clean milk
production training organized at milk plant for society members. Very small percentage of the
beneficiaries were informed about trainings like management committee members training, record
keeping training, secretary and testers training, disease control and first aid training and A.I.
worker training.
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