Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, volume 28 issue 1 (march 2009) : 64-66


P.N. Antwal, P.B. Bhosale, C.M. Bellurkar
1AICRP-H Sc., Dept. of H.Sc. Extn. Ed., College of Home Science, MAU, Parbhani-431 402, India
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Cite article:- Antwal P.N., Bhosale P.B., Bellurkar C.M. (2024). WOMEN IN DAIRY MANAGEMENT : A CASE STUDY. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 28(1): 64-66. doi: .
The present investigation has been undertaken to study the strategy followed by ‘Swapnabhumi
– Non-governmental organization’ for promoting dairy of women SHG groups in Gangakhed
taluk of Parbhani district. The data was collected through visit to dairy, discussion with
Swapnabhumi officials, members of Swami Samarth bachat gat, official records and video
documentation. Swapnabhumi has established 500 SHGs in villages nearby Kerwadi. To empower
the SHG women economically, efforts were made to motivate the women for taking up dairy
enterprise with the help of funding from lead bank. Through the members of Swami Samarth
bachat gat rural women of different bachat gat were motivated for taking up dairy enterprise.
Previously milk was sent to government dairy but irregular payment, milk spoilage due to delaying
in collection and during transportation, Swami Samarth bachat gat have taken decision of having
their own dairy. Infrastructure of dairy project was established at Kerwadi with the help of one of
the funding agency from Netherlands. Daily milk collection of this project is about 500 liters.
Marketing of milk is done with the brand name ‘Swapnabhumi’ in Parbhani, Parli, Gangakhed,
Palam taluks of Parbhnai and Beer districts of Marathwada region. The other products sold by
the dairy are ghee and curd. In future they are also planning for selling paneer and cheese.
Increased self esteem, leadership development, risk bearing ability and decision making power
among rural women were the perceived gains of this project
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