Article Id: ARCC1490 | Page : 227 - 231
Citation :- PHYSICAL AND COOKING CHARACTERISTICS OF SELECTED AROMATIC RICE VARIETIES.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2010.(29):227 - 231
Sumitra Kumari Meena, D. Vijayalakshmi and Usha Ravindra
Address : Department of Food Science and Nutrition University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore – 560 065, India


The experiment was conducted to know the physical and cooking properties of ten aromatic
rice varieties. Among the varieties milling and head rice out-turn ranged from 72.48 to 80.94
and 65.11 to 81.85 per cent respectively. The grain length varied from 4.30 to 7.80 mm, breadth
1.84 to 2.27 mm, L / B ratio 2.02 to 4.22 and grain width 1.54 to 1.88 mm, 1000 grain weight
11.36 to 20.18 g , and bulk density 0.76 to 0.89 (g / ml). Cooking time ranged from 15 to 20
minutes, percent increase in weight 127 to 210, per cent increase in volume 128 to 257, water
uptake ratio 15.85 to 39.93, kernel elongation ratio 1.25 to 1.53, per cent curled grain 17 to 61
and dispersed solids 2.63 to 8.46 per cent respectively. Per cent increase in volume and weight,
water uptake ratio, and kernel elongation ratio were positively correlated with sensory mean
score whereas percent curled grains, and cooking time were negatively correlated with sensory
mean score.


Physical character Cooking Properties Aromatic rice.


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