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B.K. Pawar, R.M. Chaure, D.M. Choudhari and D.K. Kamble
Department of Animal Science and Dairy Science Post GraduaTe Institute. Mahatma Phuie Krishi Vidyapeeth. Rahuri-413 722. India

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79- 85
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Lassiwas prepared by using five levels of nisin i.e. To (Control), Tl (100 IU/mI) , T2 (200 IVI ml), T3 (300 IV/ml) and T4 (400 IV/mI). 8% cane sugar, 0.1 % salt and 10 % water level was used in all treatments. The Lassiprepared by addition of 400 IU/ml (T) nisin was organoleptically
superior over the other treatments for the parameters colour and appearance (8.15). body and texture (8.20), flavour (8.15), acidity (8.22) and overall acceptability (8.18), respectively. Treatments To' T1, T2 and T3 were acceptable up to 5th, 9th, 11th and 12th days, respectively. While treatment T4 was acceptable up to 15th days. While studying microbial quality of preserved Lassiunder refrigeration temperature (5oq. The treatment To (Control) showed the higher SPC, YMC and E.coli count during study ranged from 16.32 -8.63 x 107,9.00 -30 X 107 and 6.00 2.00x 107, respectively. Whereas the treatment T4 showed lowest microbial count over the other treatments i.e. ranged from SPC (14.97 -7.85x107), YMC (5.00 .30x107) and E.coli (4.001.00x
107), respectively.
Lassi Nisin, Organoleptic. Microbial quality.
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