Article Id: ARCC1033 | Page : 290 - 298
Citation :- MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE PACKAGING OF MINIMALLY PROCESSED CARROT (DAUCUS CAROTA L.).Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2011.(30):290 - 298
Satwant Brar, Gursewak Singh*, Deepak Raj Rai and Shashipal
Address : Central Institute of Post Harvest Engineering and Technology, Ludhiana-141 001, India


The respiratory behavior of minimally processed carrots, was determined polypropylene (PP) packaging film (Gas permeability coefficients; 4.14 x 10-14 ml.cm.cm-2.s-1.Pa-1 for O2 and 1.45 x 10-13 ml.cm.cm-2.s-1.Pa-1 for CO2 at 15 °C and 75% RH) was selected for experiment of shelf-life extension under modified atmosphere conditions. The peeled and diced carrots were packed into PP film packages (bag area: 0.17 m­2, 35 mm thickness) having 2, 4, 6, 8 number of perforations (0.3 mm dia. each) and non-perforated, and the weight of samples packed was 500 g each. During storage at 15 °C and 75% relative humidity (RH) in a cold room, various modified atmospheres were created by different number of perforations in packages. The observations included rate of respiration, gaseous composition of micro-atmosphere, physiological loss in weight and several biochemical characteristics affecting the final quality of the produce. At steady state, value of respiration rates for O2 and CO2 were 50.73 ml.kg-1.h-1 and 21.93 ml.kg-1.h-1, respectively. Results showed that packages having 2 macro-holes with 500 g quantity better maintained their overall quality and could be successfully stored for 15 days without adversely affecting the quality with final gaseous composition stabilized around 8.40% O2 and 7.80% CO2.


Modified atmosphere packaging Minimally processed carrot Daucus carota Permeability coefficient
Respiration rate
Polypropylene (PP) film package Perforations.


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