Article Id: ARCC1023 | Page : 242 - 245
Citation :- VARIOUS CONSTRAINTS OF DAIRY FARMING IN CENTRAL ZONE OF PUNJAB.Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2011.(30):242 - 245
Inderpreet Kaur, S.S. Dhindsa, K. Harpreet and S. Prabhjot
Address : Guru Angad Dev Vety. and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana-141 004, India


The present study was conducted in central zone of Punjab, through a specially designed interview schedule from 104, 95 and 101 dairy farmers of Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Sangrur district, respectively. Out of the total 4088 milch animals, only 499 (12.21 %) were covered by insurance. The incidence of various reproductive disorders viz. anestrus, repeat breeding, prolapse of genitalia, dystocia, retention of placenta and abnormal post partum uterine discharge was 3.82 & 1.20, 11.04 & 11.67, 1.86 & 0.85, 14.58 & 6.26, 25.04 & 15.38 and 22.22 & 13.87 per cent of buffaloes and cows, respectively. More than 90 per cent dairy farmers believed high cost of feed and fodder,  low price of crossbred cow milk, problem of disposal of old/disabled animals and problem of repeat breeding in buffaloes and crossbred cows as major constraints in dairy farming. Other major constraints were low fat content in  crossbred cows, milk high mortality in male calves and high reproductive disorders in milch animals.  Appropriate strategies may be formulated for the transfer of dairy technologies in the area.


Dairy Farming Constraints Reproductive disorders


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