Article Id: ARCC1016 | Page : 210- 212
Citation :- BIOCHEMICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF THREE SPECIES OF BANANA (Musa paradisiaca) GROWING IN KANJAMALAI..Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research.2011.(30):210- 212
M. Suriyavathana and M. Jeevitha
Address : Department of Biochemistry, Periyar University, Salem - 636 011., India


Three banana species namely Musa ab thaen kunnan, Musa abb monthan and Musa aab mysore collected from Kanjamalai, Salem District, were analyzed for biochemical constituents. The results suggest that among the three banana varieties the level of storage polysaccharides cholesterol and ascorbic acid seem to be higher in Musa ab thaen kunnan. The amount of Protein in Musa aab mysore showed higher concentration than the rest of the banana species. Calcium content was higher in Musa abb monthan. The Musa ab thaen kunnan showed higher level of phosphorus and iron as compared to other spices. The Musa ab thaen kunnan was also found to contain iron and good store of other biochemical constituents. The results emphasis that the banana species selected from Kanjamalai area accumulated very good store of minerals especially iron Musa ab thaen kunnan may be recommended as a natural iron supplement food.


Musa abb monthan Musa aab mysore Ascorbic acid Total carbohydrate Banana.


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