Article Id: ARCC067 | Page : 449-452
Citation :- SORPTION OF OXYFLUORFEN ON SOILS OF ANDHRA PRADESH.Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2013.(47):449-452
A.Sireesha, P. Chandrasekhar Rao, Ch.S. Ramalaxmi and G.Swapna
Address : All India Coordinated Research Project on weed control, Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University,Hyderabad-30, India


Adsorption desorption of oxyfluorfen (2-chloro-1, (3 ethoxy -4 nitrophenoxy)-4-(triflouromethyl) benzene in soils was studied by Batch equilibrium technique at five different initial concentrations of oxyfluorfen. Adsorption isotherms were conformed to the Freundlich equation. The desorption process exhibited pronounced hysteresis in all the soils, which was more prominent when desorption was carried out at higher concentration of herbicide and the percent cumulative desorption was high in soils with low organic carbon content of soil. The values of Freundlich constant, Kf were ranged from 0.30 to 3.21 for oxyfluorfen. The Freundlich constants K and n increased with increasing initial concentration of adsorbed herbicide thus confirming the irreversible nature of the adsorption of oxyfluorfen of these soils. The per cent cumulative desorption was high in soils with low organic carbon content.


Adsorption Desorption Oxyfluorfen Soil.


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