Identification of high b-Carotene lines of maize in backcross (BC2F1) population by genotyping crtRB1 Allele specific marker

DOI: 10.18805/ijare.v0iOF.3755    | Article Id: A-4521 | Page : 434-439
Citation :- Identification of high b-Carotene lines of maize in backcross (BC2F1)population by genotyping crtRB1 Allele specific marker .Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.2016.(50):434-439

Pitambara*1 and P. Nagarajan2

Address :

Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, Anand Agricultural University, Anand-388 110, Gujrat, India.

Submitted Date : 29-10-2015
Accepted Date : 13-05-2016


In order to address the global problem of Vitamin A deficiency, biofortification is considered to be a cost effective and sustainable approach.  The polymorphism in crtRB1gene is associated with b-carotene levels in maize kernels. The randomly selected 10 seeds of selected maize lines in BC2F1 population cobs when analyzed for b-carotene content through HPLC,  showed confirmation of improvement in b-carotene content of 2.37 µg/g. The crtRB1 3’TE polymorphism in BC2F1 population of the cross revealed that the progenies showed segregation distortion(SD). The present study indicated the possiblity to develop a high b-carotene inbred with genetic identity closer to that of the recurrent parent.


Biofortification Maize Vitamin A Zea Mays b-carotene.


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