Article Id: ARCC3164 | Page : 278-280
Citation :- CORRELATION STUDIES IN MULBERRY (MORUSSPP.).Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2000.(34):278-280
N.R. Singhvi. S. ChakrabortY·, B,K. Singhal, M. Rekha, A. Sarkar and R.K. Datta
Address : Central Sericultural Research and Training instItute Manandavadi Road, SririUTlPura. Mysore-570 008, India


An experiment was conducted under irrigated conditions, to study the association of 10 plant characters with leaf yield and among themselves in ten genotypes of mulberry (Morus spp.). Plant height, cumulative shoot length, leaf area, stem yield and water use efficiency exhibited significant positive association with leaf yield showing greater contribution towards leaf yield. Thus, selection based on these traits might be more effective in mulberry.



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