Article Id: ARCC3157 | Page : 255-257
Citation :- HETEROSIS .1N PEARL MILLET POPULATION.Indian Journal Of Agricultural Research.2000.(34):255-257
Yagya Dutt and CoR. Bainiwal
Address : Department of Plant Breeding CCS Haryana Agricultural Uni~ersity. Hisar - 125 004. India


A pot culture experiment was conducted to investigate the efficacy of brasMosteroid and salicylic acid in alleviating low light stress in rice (Olyza sativa L.). Increased accumula tion of chlorophylls and ‘Hill reaction’ were evident in the treated plants which increased photochemical efficiency. Higher Rubisco content and photosynthetic rate with higher NRase activity resulted in increased biochemical efficiency with increased assimilation and biomass accumulation. This resulted in increased number of spikelets and reduction in spikelet sterility contributing to higher yield.



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